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A Guide for Post Construction Cleaning

by James

We all are very well aware of the mess that construction can create. Constructing something new? Good! Cleaning up the mess after the construction is completed? Horrible! This is how all of us truly feel. That is the reason why hiring post-construction cleaning workers is not just important but is an absolute necessity. After construction, you need to be responsible for making sure that the site and area are cleaned deeply and nicely so that the health and safety of the people you love are not put at stake. So here is a guide for you to understand everything post-construction cleaning.

What is post-construction cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning is the process that helps in getting rid of any kind of dirt, dust, debris, glass, nails, screws, and any tiniest of things that can harm or hurt a person by cleaning it up. It is an essential process as only professionals can help clean the site with their expertise so that nothing is left behind. Hiring professionals for this work will help in the job getting done fast.

What are the essential tools used? 

There might be many tools that people working as post-construction cleaners might use, but there are a few essential tools that you should check for. These tools are:

  • Mops
  • Dusters
  • Cleaners for glass
  • Heavy-duty rubbish bags
  • Grease removers
  • Heavy-duty vacuum cleaners
  • Bathroom cleaners
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Microfibre cloth 

If they have these tools with them, it means that they are going to do a good job and clean the site thoroughly. 

What are the three stages of cleaning done by them?

So the cleaning is done in three stages. These stages are known as:

  • The rough cleaning stage where almost no attention is paid to minor work
  • The janitor stage, which includes paying attention to general and minor work
  • The deep cleaning stage is where the cleaners keep coming in to clean the site every week to avoid dust and dirt from settling on the site. 

What are the areas that are cleaned, and how? 

So, various areas are cleaned in a post-construction cleaning after construction or renovation. This includes the bathroom, living area, kitchen, dining room, garage, and bedroom. These areas are cleaned in the following ways:

  • Dusting is done thoroughly in the areas that need it.
  • The rooms are nicely vacuumed and are mopped.
  • The windows, doors, sinks, shelves, and all the other type of furniture which might be present in the room is cleaned. 
  • The switchboard is nicely cleaned.
  • Any grease which might be left on any area is cleaned off nicely. 
  • All the walls and ceiling fans are dusted and cleaned.
  • The carpets are cleaned.
  • The lights are dusted and cleaned


So this is all that you had to know about post-construction cleaning. It is not a DIY job as not being an expert will lead to leaving out a few things that need cleaning, and that might later harm the people living in the home. Hire a good post construction cleaning company who can do the job nicely. 


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