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Renovating Your House? Here’s Why You Should Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring.

by James

Invented in the 1930s, vinyl flooring has been a trend throughout the years. While some prefer other types of flooring, luxury vinyl flooring has become a timeless classic over time. With almost 200 designs to choose from, luxury vinyl flooring not only gives your home a classic, sophisticated look but also makes it easier to clean and maintain. Many choose to install vinyl flooring with unique properties like water and moisture resistance and stain resistance while renovating their homes. You will find various websites from where you can choose beautiful flooring designs for your home.

But first, let us understand what vinyl flooring is.

What is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl Flooring is a type of stain and water-resistant flooring option with beautiful designs, types, and strong durability. Over the years, luxury vinyl flooring has gained a reputation of being highly suitable to houses, especially for bathrooms and kitchens, for their water-resistant quality. 

But why should you choose vinyl flooring over other types of flooring?

Let’s take a look. 

Why Should I Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring? 

Some of the reasons which make luxury vinyl flooring a great option for your home are –

  • Water-resistant – The best quality of luxury vinyl flooring is that it is water-resistant. This ensures that you or your loved ones do not face accidents while walking on slippery floors. This quality also makes it the ideal flooring for areas that see much water like bathrooms and kitchens. 
  • Various Designs to Choose From- You will get a huge variety of options to choose from while shopping for luxury vinyl flooring. This allows you to choose from options that are best suited to your taste and preference. It grants several options like natural stone, wood, timber, etc., to provide a modern, classy, and aesthetic look to your home. 
  • Easy and Quick Installation- Vinyl flooring has a huge advantage – it can be easily installed without much help. It can be glued down or even come with “peel and stick” options with options like planks, tiles, and sheets. 
  • Durable Material – One of the most durable options in flooring, good quality luxury vinyl flooring is made to be extremely strong and sturdy. If installed properly and maintained regularly, it will easily last for 20 years. 
  • Stain-Resistant- Luxury vinyl flooring is stain resistant which means no matter how much dust or stain accumulates on your floor, regular cleaning will remove it all away. This makes sure your home always looks spotless and clean with minimum maintenance. 
  • Maximum Comfort- Another valuable quality of vinyl flooring is that it provides excellent comfort to your feet. Not only does it remain warm even during winter, but it is also resilient, providing a soft surface for you to walk on. 


While various types of flooring options are available in the market, luxury vinyl flooring never goes out of style. With its versatile designs, effortless look, and valuable qualities, it is an excellent option for giving your house a sophisticated and stylish look. 


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