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Six Important Things You Must Carry While Trekking

by James

Do you love trekking?

Well, Trekking is indeed a wonderful way to stay fit and enjoy the outdoors with friends. Trekking trails are commonly found in locations with many natural habitats, which helps the climb much more adventurous. Anyone who enjoys Trekking and exploring their surroundings can participate in this adventurous outdoor activity. 

However, there are certain basic accessories you must bring along on the journey for a good day of Trekking. 

  • Rain gear

Apart from wearing the right gear during Trekking, it is also advisable to bring extra clothing in inclement weather. Most of the extra clothing is rain gear, which shields the body from the elements when caught in a strong rainfall. 

This gear is often composed of waterproof material that prevents water from soaking your clothes or backpack if you’re hiking with one. While trekking in Nepal, you can choose your water-resistant gear from various fine stores that offer a large range of appropriate clothes for your outdoor adventure.

  • First aid kit

Although the purpose of Trekking is to have fun outdoors, accidents may occur and may require immediate first aid. Thus, having a first aid kit with basic items such as pain medicines, antibiotic ointment, adhesive bandages, gauze, adhesive tape, sling, and a small water bottle to treat wounds is critical. 

Many times, the supplies in the kit are sufficient to treat minor injuries in both adults and children. You can also bring a few supplies with you in case of any emergencies. A whistle, a Swiss knife, a lighter, sanitary pads, and toilet paper.

  • Compass

While Trekking, it’s critical to know where you’re going, so you’ll need a compass that you can use effectively and comfortably. This navigation tool is small in size, yet it is extremely useful, particularly when used in conjunction with a map. The map also allows you to follow your progress as you walk down the trail, and if you have a smartphone, you may carry both of these devices without adding to your weight.

  • Flashlight

Whether you’ll be hiking late at night or early in the morning, a flashlight should be part of your pack. This light source will come in handy most of the time if you get lost, or the hike takes longer than intended. Furthermore, the flashlight should be equipped with an extra set of batteries to be utilized for a long amount of time.

  • Food and water

Trekking requires a lot of energy, so even if you’ve had breakfast, you should bring extra food for the climb. Energy-giving foods, such as protein bars, chocolate, or even a peanut butter sandwich, should be included in the diet. Water bottles should carry since they keep the body hydrated, particularly when hiking in the sun. 

Always have a medium-sized water bottle on hand to drink from while Trekking. It is recommended that you get a strong bottle that is less prone to leaks and shattering. You can also keep filling it up during the walk to avoid buying plastic bottles that are sold there.

  • Trekking Shoes

Invest in a nice pair of hiking boots or trekking shoes that are both durable and comfortable. The worst thing you can do is go Trekking in regular shoes and then suffer as a result. Carry an extra pair of shoes and two or three pairs of socks.


Adventure trips provide the thrill, all want in their lives, but you cannot overlook the proper planning. Remember that many of the things are not available when visiting countries far from home or in cities. No one wants to realise halfway through a trek that they failed to bring something important. Thus, it is important that you carry the above-mentioned items to give yourself a memorable experience.

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