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Will A DUI Ruin My Career?

by James

Though being convicted of a DUI (Drive Under Influence) does not ruin your life, yet it may have severe effects on your career. If accused of a DUI, you are eligible to hire a DUI lawyer. Always consult your case with top DUI lawyers like DUI attorneys in Phoenix for services in Phoenix and nearby areas.

4 Impacts Of A DUI On Your Career

  • A suspended license

After being convicted of a DUI, your driver’s license will be suspended at first. If you drive for a living, then the consequences are pretty obvious. This also has adverse effects on your job. Hiring a private driver or booking a taxi daily can be monetarily exhaustive for most, and public transport is not trustworthy. In addition to this, many workers like doctors, lawyers, and accountants hold professional licenses. Such workers are expected to inform their employers if they are convicted of any crime. If proven guilty under a DUI, such license can be revoked. 

  • Loss of insurance

After a DUI conviction, many insurance companies refuse to provide insurance. This is a severe problem if you have to drive for work, but your employer’s insurance company has denied insurance. If your own insurance company refuses to insure you, finding a new company can still be challenging. However, the insurance is going to be way too expensive than before.

  • Possible firing

A diversion program may prevent you from going to jail. To get this, you need to plead guilty to the crime. But the court may make it mandatory to make your employer aware of the situation. Under the company’s policies you are working under; you may still be fired even if you managed to avoid jail.

Nowadays, most employers fire employees having convictions of crime mandatorily. Along with this, they make it compulsory for every employee to report the arrest as soon as possible. In such a case, even a minor DUI conviction can lead you to unwanted circumstances and, finally, get you fired. Even if you manage to stay, or even if the employer never finds your conviction, you will still need to visit the court often for appearances. Moreover, you may also have to enrol in a substance abuse program for which you will miss more work. Missing work may bring you more trouble and will eventually get you fired.

  • Difficulty in a future job application and getting an education

If you are in search of a new job, a DUI conviction can cause problems as most applications inquire whether you have any convictions or arrests on your record. However, even if the person does not, a potential employer may still come across either your driver’s license records or public records or simply by asking you why you left the previous job. Similarly, colleges and institutions will not accept you if you are convicted of a DUI. In addition, applications for financial aid or any other help will be turned down for the same. 


There are a lot of consequences you can face if convicted of a DUI. You may lose jobs, it may limit your options for work, you may be ineligible to apply for some jobs, and some professional associations might not license you as well. It is a serious matter indeed, and one must think before driving after drinking. However an experienced DUI attorney in Phoenix can help you in such cases and hence taking their assistance is always recommended. 


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